“See Inside”

“See Inside”—simple info, with huge impact for your companies marketing."See Inside"

Most people are using Google to search for information and products. As they do, search a product or business, the results often show local partners for these products and services. What happens lately is it becomes increasingly common to see a map associated with that location. In most cases that map is a Google map.

A curious buyer can click on that map and know right away where the business is located, shown by a small red ballon, or pin. When searching a business name, the search results will show information to the right. We call this the info card, showing all the details about the business. Details include name/address/phone# (NAP), and the hours open that day of search.

Most people are used to seeing the “Streetview” image. Now above that image in our clients business they will also see “See Inside”.

Search any business name you see on the bottom of this page, or “Clients” tab,
previously you’ll see the results with a caption “See Inside”.

(As of 2017 this caption is being replaced with a circular arrow icon)

What they see inside is the new interactive 360-degree view within the location. These are called “Virtual Tours”, which is like walking through the business just like if you were there. The ability for customers to preview a place before going there is POWERFUL!

Make no mistake, the ability of customers to preview a business allows a new level of comfort, which will draw them to come to you.

Grey Cloud Studios has provided this service to businesses since 2012, wishing to entice their customers with the visual appeal of their business, and the benefit of involvement with the worlds largest search engine, Google. The advertising potential is HUGE, and Google has developed itself as the best partner in online advertising, worldwide.

Incidentally, NAP is critical for your search engine optimization (SEO). More obvious is your open hours. Is all of your information correct?Google wants you to help them with changes. We can show you how.

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