Paul Lampland | Grey Cloud Studio
Paul Lampland | Grey Cloud Studio

Hello, my name is Paul & the “why” I do what I do

2012 I was certified and trained to become a Google Streetview | Trusted Photographer, after Google brought this out of beta, and while I was freelancing web design services to smaller businesses.

At that time I became connected to the Google Maps / Street View project and saw that it would be a great way to help small businesses gain a greater presence on the internet. I thought to myself “Who would not do this for their business”!

That is why I became certified and trained to become a Google Trusted Photographer, first starting as the Business Photos Program (2012), later called Business View (2013), and eventually Streetview Trusted (2015). I am glad to have a part in helping out businesses that I am a customer of. And that is really what all of this is about. Google knows the power of recommendations by people, honest and genuine.

Social Media has shown this time and again in market research. A lot of big companies were just not convinced at first. Now Local searches, on mobile devices have become the norm in the customer journey. It is a very POWERFUL platform for a business to connect with the customers, at the very moment the decision to buy, is at hand (no pun here).

Who is your next customer?

When talking with business owners, that may not use a smartphone, “You’ve seen folks looking at their smartphones? This is what they are doing . . . searching and deciding on a making a purchase, or finding a place to visit. Why not entice them to come your way with a Virtual Tour?” Images are everything.

Small businesses are my primary clients, so I have an appreciation for the budgeting concerns that a growing entity has. Make no mistake, the internet is THE way to maximize your advertising dollar. Clear and simple, it is a multiplier of your expenditure.

Continually I am surprised to find businesses that used to depend on old advertising models, wondering why their customers cannot find them. When was the last time a yellow pages salesman came to visit? Sorry, that business model is GONE!

What is your model?


Contact me at (651)-332-0198, for a simple estimate based on the size or needs of your business.