Urban Boatbuilders, find them again.

Urban Boatbuilders

An update for Urban Boatbuilders, they moved!

When I first encountered Urban Boatbuilders, it was a fluke. I had rounded a corner and pulled over for some unrelated purpose when I spotted a doorway leading into what looked like a woodshop. The building housed a strip mall and this was the side that was undeveloped. I did not even expect a doorway, let alone some business.

Well it turned out to be a non-profit, that helps disavantaged youth, by teaching them to build boats and canoes. Naturally, I was curious. The point here was that the location was a destination, not something that drew attention. I was surprised I even saw it from my car!

Now they moved to an even harder spot to find, located in an industrial area. Ironically, a spot I used to frequent years ago. The place MAS, was a speed shop. It sold performance automotive parts for those building cars for drag racing. Another destination business.

This is the kind of business that really is helped by Google Maps, because it is so hard to find. Certainly once you’ve been there your fine, but the first attempt is likely to make many give up. Google Maps is pretty accurate much of the time, but when it’s not businesses need help. With some assistance I can be sure to help show them how to make edits to the map pin when it is wrong.

Other edits like hours, address, or worse duplicate listings are critical for keeping your customers level of frustration down, or you will lose them. In SEO language we refer to this as “citations”. Name / Address / Phone # (NAP) is really important. I bet you didn’t know you’d learn this trick? So important I have given presentations at business associations to educate them about this critical aspect for their success.

Well not for Urban Boatbuilders. They now paddle straight down the channel.

See their revised Google 360 “See Inside” on Google Maps or click here.

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