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Urban Boatbuilders, find them again.

An update for Urban Boatbuilders, they moved! When I first encountered Urban Boatbuilders, it was a fluke. I had rounded a corner and pulled over for some unrelated purpose when I spotted a doorway leading into what looked like a

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When decisions matter, we ask our friends, immediate family, or look to the nuclear family for ideas. We want input. We want reviews. Reviews matter more now then ever in a increasingly flatter world, driven by social media, and the

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Northland Visions at Thanksgiving

Approaching Thanksgiving it would become serendipitious that I should be working in the Native American cultural corridor called the Seward Neighborhood. There you will find a unique retail store selling works of original Native American artwork, bead crafting supplies, moccasins,

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Google buys Waze

One Map App Joins Another. Google buys Waze, this week for 1.03 Billion. That’s no small change right?, but actually it is. Waze, if you are not familiar, is a crowd sourced map app. It allows users to create up-to-date

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The “New” Google Maps

Lots of Changes Happenin’ for a New Google Maps. Every year as the nice weather rolls in, Google has it’s new releases showcased on their yearly conference. This time called I/O. Not that Google only does new things once a

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