Tour Dash

Announcing Tour Dash —

An app developed to provide more information / interactivity on Google Business View tours when embedded on a clients website.
While strolling through a “See Inside” 360 tour via a full screen view, a visitor can get a bit lost, especially on very large locations.

Consider this a way-finder with menu options for quickly jumping to areas in a tour. If you discover something of interest, in the view of a tour, you could immediately learn more, staying on the tour longer, likely seeing items you might otherwise passover.

Welcome to the newest e-commerce solution for your business.

  • Navigation menus, with sub-menus
  • You may create boundary hotspots, with panels that float, right, left or center
    • The panel moves out of the way automatically when a viewer pans right or left, if you like
  • Additionally, you may create dynamic hotspots that when moused over, opens an informational panel like the one in the center of the image above
  • You may add graphics, call to action buttons, links to product pages/websites, or even run a video about the product
  • Advanced Tour analytics to capture information on the effectiveness of your tour design
  • The layout is editable anytime.
  • The tour has an auto rotate feature, that can be control to move the exact speed you desire, fast or slow
  • The license allows embedding to your Facebook page too!

How cool is that!

Longer engagement on your website is key to search engine optimization, higher page rank, and customer enjoyment. People love quality content, and so does Google! That is why Tour Dash had a seat at the table with Google as THE first and only application to embed on websites using Google Business Views. It is that good.

Grey Cloud Studio is now listed as one of few Google Certified Trusted Photographers regionally offering the licenses for this feature. We have watched as Tour Dash was in beta testing, waiting anxiously to make it available to our clients, simply because we believe it is the future of product review online. As of April 2014 we can now offer this to our clients!

The initial inquiry for the purchase of most any product today, starts with an internet search. 75-95% of those searches are on Google, period. We all want to grab that attention early on for customers looking for our products or services. Let your website offer more to your clients than your competition, and with Tour Dash you win the day!

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