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It has been a busy late summer/early fall season shooting locations for Google. Every turn I say to myself, “I should update my blog with all of this fun news!”

Wheel Fun Rentals Surrey

Wheel Fun Rentals Surrey

Some of the news has to do with shooting, “See Inside” outside. At the beginning of July I shot photography for a business called “Wheel Fun Rentals“. Not the best known name, from my experience, only because as I mention it to people, they often have a puzzled look on their face. If I go on to describe it as, “those folks that rent the canoes, paddleboards, and bikes at the local lakes”. Then an aha moment occurs.

This also happens often when I talk to a businesses about Google’s “Streetview”. Half the time people give me that puzzled look. If I then ask,”do you use Google Maps” (they usually say yes), and I show them “Streetview” on my phone or tablet, they immediately recognize what I am talking about. Sometimes I want to laugh when they say, “Oh, Google Earth” (It’s not quite the same, but that’s not important).

All of this is to point out different ways that all of us perceive things, whether it is a business name, or a way we view things in a virtual world. Which is even more odd when the caption for the small thumbnail for this version of “Streetview”, used to see the inside of a business, states “See Inside”, and in this case, I shoot the same project for a business outside.

Wheel Fun Rentals, rents canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards. Bikes of all kinds, upright, recumbent, and the Surrey, which holds four people, and has a canopy on top. There is even a cradle for small children up front. You will find them at the local lakes in Minnesota, Harriet, Calhoun, Nokomis, or at Minnehaha Falls. They also have a Mini-golf in Richfield, and another bike rental in Duluth at Canal Park. In fact, Wheel Fun Rentals is nationwide, based out of Ventura, California, with locations up and down the southern California coastline, or in Florida.

I have to say it has been a blast to have shot all locations for Minnesota, along with other types of businesses inside, which have kept me busy.

We take our fun seriously, in Minnesota, with the short but gorgeous summers. We relish the warm weather, sun and surf, just like California or Florida. We just have less time to enjoy.


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