When decisions matter, we ask our friends, immediate family, or look to the nuclear family for ideas. We want input. We want reviews.

Reviews matter more now then ever in a increasingly flatter world, driven by social media, and the internet. We hear that alot, and maybe we shrug it off, but where the rubber hits the road, is all about reviews. It has been true so long, we take it for granted. Think about the backside of a paperback novel. One long column of writer or reviewer said about the book. The cover may grab us, then we flip it over to read the reviews. We are either hooked or we move on.

Do a search online and we scan the links. We see the comments in short messages, one after another, and our mind is sometimes convinced positive or negative within moments. Bigger decisions have us dig deeper, read between the lines . . . possibly.

If a business is a brick and mortor location, it will have a listing on Google Maps where people add reviews of their experience when they visited. From a mobile device it is very easy to do, with rating stars, or comments. If you like the service or products there, tell people about it.

We all want to know. If your not happy, let us know that too. Be fair. Know that people have bad days.

In helping businesses online, I try my best to point out these facts, and have them encourage their happy customers to add a positive review, because people are simply more motivated to do so when they are upset by a bad experience. I tell them they need to have more than five reviews if they want any traction in Local SEO, and if they claim their Google Local landing page from Google Maps, they will be able to respond to these reviews, which lets people reading them, know they care what is said. I also ask my customers for referrals. It matters a lot, and some businesses sink or swim because of it.

Don’t let the bad reviews get you down, because without a few, no one will ever believe you didn’t write them yourself. Be vunerable, that’s ok. We sometimes have bad days, and so do the customers, it’s part of being human. So is reading reviews, so make sure to respond.

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