Open for Business

How many times have you searched for a business with the expectation of visiting, then realize, you don’t know if they are open or not? Well let’s see, they mailed me a flyer, and well . . . I cannot find when it’s open. OK simple I’ll call them, no luck. Cannot find the number, or they have a phone tree, or no answer from the department. I’ll try the website, NO HOURS!

Well there IS one trick. Look at the Google Maps App, and see if they show there. Usually they do. I don’t know how you do it Google, but thanks. Works pretty good, most of the time.

From time to time I find the hours are accurate. Sometimes it is not. Just the other day I was searching a place that I was convinced had claimed and verified the listing from Google Maps to correct any listing errors. I was wrong. I have approached many businesses talking about the 360 imagery available to show customers the inside of their location.

Most have no idea they are able to edit these details which Google takes from a variety of business listing references to create these +Local pages, the landing page from Maps where the info appears in search.

Earlier this week I regained a client whose partner I worked with previously, passed away. She had no idea about the listing. “Please I need to fix the hours, I have customers complaining about this!”

“Certainly”, I said. Google makes this FREE, relatively easy, and for some situations you can even get support on the line to help.
Afterwards she was so happy she booked a re-shoot of the business since a lot had changed. One change that will help her customer’s, is that now they can find her corrected hours, and then “See Inside” to really let them see, they found what they were looking for.

CEO | President of Grey Cloud Studio. "Certified Google Trusted Photographer", for Google Maps Project, Google+Local/Places Pages and Business Views. Professional Photography and Web Services.