Northland Visions at Thanksgiving

Northland Visions

Northland Visions

Approaching Thanksgiving it would become serendipitious that I should be working in the Native American cultural corridor called the Seward Neighborhood.

There you will find a unique retail store selling works of original Native American artwork, bead crafting supplies, moccasins, and among many other items, “Dreamcatchers”. It is appropriately called “Northland Visions“. Greg and Marilyn are the owners. They told me the store is one of very few of it’s kind. Their closest competitors are in South Dakota, Colorado, and Arizona.

Did I say unique?

“Giving is a Native American tradition”, Greg told me. As we approach the holidays it is interesting to learn the cultural differences that occurred when european settlers came to the “Americas”. In Native tradition, a guest is expected to receive gifts, not bring them. It is a philosophy that the giver, receives the greatest blessing when giving. It is a culture that promotes sharing and honoring the guest. To be good and healthy one should be generous in spirit throughout the year. We are reminded of this thinking every Thanksgiving.

Along with the Google “See Inside” tour done for Northland Visions, I also had the honor of creating a tour of “All My Relations Gallery“. The gallery is located nearby in a building shared with Pow Wow Grounds Coffee, and the Native American Community Development Institute. The gallery is the first example I have done. I was at the opening for the current exhibition, “Found” and was able to meet the artists, who came from Toronto and Colorado.

Click on the blue links for a look, or see Northland Visions website @

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