Norm’s Tire Sales

I am happy to have just published my Virtual Tour  of Norm’s Tire Sales. I have a long time connection with this business, from eyeing up chrome rims, to buying lug nuts for my older classic. These folks have a old school approach to doing business. Be friendly, honest, and provide great service at a fair price.

The original owner Norm passed away this past Fall of 2012. He was a neat guy, who was loved by many. Not many business owners, are as dedicated to their employees, as the employees are to a given company. I have heard many stories of what Norm did, to make sure he took care of his staff. Many have been around for long awhile. Mutual loyalty, is a rarity.

Norm’s is still a family business, run by his daughter Joy and her brother Nick. I tried many times to convince Joy to have a tour on Google. Like many, she did not quite see how much it could help. In the end, when Nick got his eyes on a Google Virtual Tour, it was all over with.

I am glad to have a part in helping out businesses that I am a customer of. And that is really what all of this is about. Google knows the power of recommendations by people, honest and genuine. Social Media has shown this time and again in market research. Just like Joy, many companies were just not sure. Now Local searches, on mobile devices have become the norm. It is a very POWERFUL platform for a business to connect with the customers, at the very moment the decision to buy is at hand (no pun here).

So stop by Norm’s Tire Sales!

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