New Year—New Changes

So we all get a bit emotional, hopeful, even giddy at times during this time of year with the New Year approaching. We see the end of the year as one door closing, and another door opening. Maybe see that we can make changes happen, possibly make a new start, to the failed aspirations we allowed to have happen during the year.

Google Maps saw huge new changes this year with it’s redesign. The release was in May and the change so dramatic in terms of social search (a whole new concept in itself), that it has yet to be entirely out of beta. I find many people don’t even know much has changed except on their smartphones where the new changes have already become standard.

As I review the year in hindsight, I believe it was quite successful for Grey Cloud Studio, in terms of helping the businesses I met along the way, to help them become better connected to the world. The internet has offered us the ability to not just be known locally, but globally as well. I talked to the owner of a well known book store in town who has in part by reputation, and part by way of the internet, developed a worldwide cliental. Would the “See Inside” have helped that along? I would like to believe so, but regardless, it is still true that the world is becoming flatter.

In this New Year—New Changes I have let roll along that I would like to see is changes to the website. Web Designers are their own most demanding critics, and are always desiring this or that change. I have tried when I created this site to make it simple to digest, scan, and get the most basic info, without cramming the pages with text, sidebars, and unneccessary details. When I made changes, I avoided major ones, instead trying to tweak here or there. As I look at it on the desktop I am disappointed, but on mobile platforms I think it shines. Easy to digest.

A recent change was to add a drop-down from the “About” page, adding “Clients”. This is helpful to show the variety of businesses that might benefit, and by participating with Google, have become “early adopters” of the new changes that internet media can utilize to maximize their mobile properties. This will be very evident in only a short window of time, as mobile advertising will quickly sweep the market. Businesses need to be ready.

So a new redesign may or may not be in the making soon, but new changes are the only constant, here and everywhere else on the internet.

CEO | President of Grey Cloud Studio. "Certified Google Trusted Photographer", for Google Maps Project, Google+Local/Places Pages and Business Views. Professional Photography and Web Services.