Uber and Opentable join Google Maps

The cab service Uber, and restaurant review/reservation service Opentable, are now integrated with the Google Maps App on mobile devices. That’s right, find a place to eat after searching local suggestions, reading a few reviews, make a restaurant reservation, and hail a ride on Uber, all from one mobile App.

For those folks that use the Google Maps App on their smartphone regularly, last week there was quite a change. The look is something quite different, beginning with a header image that appears above the name of the business or location searched. This images pulls up behind the layer in front of the name, known to web developers as “Parallax” scrolling. Very cool.

The previous view gave us a one click button to call, star (bookmark), or get directions for car, bus, train, bike, or on foot. The directions button has moved to the upper right of the name, replaced by a button for the businesses website. Under all of this is more info like address, hours, or menu, preceeded by a tagline description for the business. Under all of this information lies the reviews added by everyday folks who have visited the location.

These are very important details that businesses often neglect to edit, or correct, which is one reason Grey Cloud Studio came to be. I want businesses to succeed online, and since so many find Google features so common, little thought is considered, that this data needs to be confirmed or corrected by those are affected. In other words, please help your customer find you easily.

Some points to mention, Opentable will appear with restaurants that participate, and the Uber features shows when available in that city, and when the device used has the Uber app installed.

Google Maps now gives people more features. It has been most used App in the world (currently 1 Billion), and constantly developing more. With the ever increasing use of tablets and smartphones, optimizing a listing with a 360 “See Inside” on Google Maps along with other images to show a completed profile is one sure way to drive traffic to a business.

Including a little help from Uber drivers.


CEO | President of Grey Cloud Studio. "Certified Google Trusted Photographer", for Google Maps Project, Google+Local/Places Pages and Business Views. Professional Photography and Web Services.