Lula’s Vintage Wear, —has been around awhile. 1992 to be exact, which surprised me a little for how long it has been, since she started this small boutique on Selby Avenue off South Snelling in Saint Paul,Mn. Vintage stores are all the rage now, but then it was, well . . . quaint.

Hayley, who owns Lula, is well known for her taste and knowledge in the vintage boutique business, even being called on, to lecture on the subject of Hipness trends. I had a few questions about her thoughts on Google’s Virtual Tours.

The store had one already, when she requested a quote, from the contact page of the Grey Cloud Studio website. A recent remodel, and series of articles to be published in area business magazines prompted her to renew her virtual tour. The first one had been created when the project was in Beta at Google. She received an email about the offer which she may have dismissed. “I had just read some article on the 360 degree imagery on Google just before seeing the offer and responded.” “They said they would send out a photographer to shoot the store.”

As she talked it was as though she was reading from my webpage. Customers feel more comfortable going somewhere where they are able to see inside. And sometimes it’s not the local customers that you need it for. Just think of anyone arriving from out of town. When you travel, part of your trip is dedicated to shopping. Where are you going to go? Where you can see just what to expect. Google Maps navigates you, and shows you. All the more reason to update the tour.

Hayley Bush—Lula Vintage Wear
“Google 360 is not only great for reaching my local market but it also is a good resource for those visiting our cities. It allows them to become familiar and comfortable before coming to the store which is amenable to a positive shopping experience.”

Oh and that red with white polka dots, dress on the rack up front. It changed hands many times that day I shot the store, waiting for the one who it best fit. A little bit like a Cinderella story. Hayley knows her business.

Before August 2010

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After March 2013

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