Hair shaving, not hair raising.

Good Look Ink

Most businesses that utilize Google’s “See Inside” are often leaders in their industry. Some stand out more than others. In this case Good Look Ink, offers a different take on the old solutions for people with hair loss wanting attractive options. I learned about Good Look Ink, after they contacted me to produce a Google 360 “See Inside”, referred recently by another client of mine that does laser tattoo removal.

Today men with hair loss will shave their heads entirely. As an inexpensive solution, it’s not half bad. But as the stubble comes in, they are still left with half bald. Regretably, it shows. And if you have had any injuries to the scalp, or botched surgeries, there are visable scars. For the scarred areas, hair folicles are lost, drawing even more attention to them.

Commonly the usual answer, get hair plugs, or wear a toupe (rug). Good Look Ink came along with another option, called “Micro Pigmentation” that is like hair shaving, not hair raising. GLI offers the look of hair shaving by tattooing a stubble in those areas with hair loss.

What most clients want is a hair line that is along the front of the scalp, so when it’s there, even in the form of a sutle stubble, the effect gives the appearance of a full head of hair. The result gives the client a look that makes them appear years younger.

That’s what everyone wants right?

When I saw the images, I was impressed. Many I tell this concept to balk at the idea. Sometimes when I present the idea of providing the Google “Streetview See Inside” for clients that can happen also. Until they see the images themselves. Then, you can watch their expression as the “aha” moment hits them!

They realize that images will convey information to their customers in a way no text copy can. They know their customers will be equally impressed. I love that moment almost as much as I love the pleasure I get from helping businesses with their Google online listings.

It’s the moment of discovery you want everyone to associate with your business once they are able to “See (360 degrees) Inside” of your beautiful interior.

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