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St Paul Pioneer Press Article

St Paul Pioneer Press / Paul Lampland

We made the St Paul Pioneer Press! As many of you may know from following Grey Cloud Studio or Paul Lampland in Social Media, you would have seen my story published in the St. Paul Pioneer Press newspaper this August 2015.

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Open for Business

How many times have you searched for a business with the expectation of visiting, then realize, you don’t know if they are open or not? Well let’s see, they mailed me a flyer, and well . . . I cannot

Urban Boat Builders

Urban Boat Builders — Is an intercity non-profit project in collaboration with Saint Paul Public schools and other at-risk youth organizations, and gives students a heads-up start developing skills to take them further in life. I was curious when I

Newest Feature

I decided to create this blog to help my customers with information relating to their Google+ Places/Local Page. Please return to view updates in this blog, or visit my Facebook Page for fun and interesting posts at Grey Cloud Studio.