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St Paul Pioneer Press Article

St Paul Pioneer Press / Paul Lampland

We made the St Paul Pioneer Press! As many of you may know from following Grey Cloud Studio or Paul Lampland in Social Media, you would have seen my story published in the St. Paul Pioneer Press newspaper this August 2015.

360 Images

  Hey gang, 360 images, panoramic or otherwise are just the start of a new means of visual communication. I like to use the example of when everyone looked to the future of virtual reality years ago and at the

Open for Business

How many times have you searched for a business with the expectation of visiting, then realize, you don’t know if they are open or not? Well let’s see, they mailed me a flyer, and well . . . I cannot

Urban Boatbuilders, find them again.

An update for Urban Boatbuilders, they moved! When I first encountered Urban Boatbuilders, it was a fluke. I had rounded a corner and pulled over for some unrelated purpose when I spotted a doorway leading into what looked like a

ATI, Making the Old New Again

I recently worked with a client whose business was coincidently next door to one I had a prior relationship with. The business Auto Technical Incorporated, was one I had done some volunteer work for years ago, so after my first


When decisions matter, we ask our friends, immediate family, or look to the nuclear family for ideas. We want input. We want reviews. Reviews matter more now then ever in a increasingly flatter world, driven by social media, and the

Uber and Opentable join Google Maps

The cab service Uber, and restaurant review/reservation service Opentable, are now integrated with the Google Maps App on mobile devices. That’s right, find a place to eat after searching local suggestions, reading a few reviews, make a restaurant reservation, and

Hair shaving, not hair raising.

Most businesses that utilize Google’s “See Inside” are often leaders in their industry. Some stand out more than others. In this case Good Look Ink, offers a different take on the old solutions for people with hair loss wanting attractive

WordCamp 2014 Images

At WordCamp 2014, I was asked to provide images for the website, take a look— (roll down on the home page).

WordCamp Minneapolis 2014

Of all the news I meant to blog about, none can be more motivating than my having a chance to volunteer this year for WordCamp Minneapolis 2014! I received an email from one of the other event organizers (luckily not two